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Category Archives: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Credit Card Debt

Getting Credit Card Debt Discharged Through Bankruptcy Credit card debt is a type of unsecured debt, meaning that there is no collateral attached to it. Unlike auto loan providers and mortgage lenders, credit card companies cannot repossess any of the debtor’s property due to lack of payment. Unsecured debt is considered the lowest-priority debt when […]

How Can Bankruptcy Help Me?

Bankruptcy can put an immediate end to creditor harassment. It can stop a foreclosure dead is its tracks and save your family home. It can prevent wage garnishments and eliminate specific types of liens. Bankruptcy can prevent your vehicle or other valuable assets from being repossessed. Debts can be completely discharged or restructured through bankruptcy […]

Filing For A Second Bankruptcy

Since the recent economic downturn which caused homes across the nation to go into foreclosure and millions to be unemployed, Americans from every walk of life have turned towards bankruptcy for debt relief and sometimes protection against foreclosure of their home. While some view bankruptcy as a once in a lifetime occurrence, not everyone can […]


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