Bankruptcy Filing Process

The Bankruptcy Filing Process

The bankruptcy court requires cases to be filed online. Getting ready to file is where most of the work is done.

We First Determine What’s Right For You

That’s right – “we” not “me.” Together, we’ll go over your income, expenses and your debts. We’ll look at all your options for getting out of debt, and you’ll get all your questions answered.

We Get Started, And You Breathe Easier

No one looks for help with their debt problems unless they’ve been having some “marital discussions” about debt or they’ve been losing sleep over their debt problems. We’ll take a load off your shoulders and help you get your life back from your debt problems. You just say the word, and we’ll take it one step at a time.

Let’s Get To Work

Here are the things that need to happen to get your bankruptcy case filed:

  1. We give you an assignment – that means you provide us some paperwork and information;
  2. You pay your legal fees and filing fees;
  3. You complete your credit counseling – either on the phone or internet;
  4. We prepare the court documents using the information and paperwork you provide us;
  5. You sign the bankruptcy court papers;
  6. And finally, we file the case electronically over the internet with the court.

The first three steps will probably take you some time to complete, but we’ll set a schedule that works best for you.

Find Out If Bankruptcy Is Right For You

You’ll never know which solution is best for you until you talk with someone that understands the bankruptcy process.

Take the first step in getting your questions answered by calling us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.