You’ve Been Sued!

What’s Next?

If you’ve just been served with a lawsuit, or a creditor is threatening to sue you, then you need to find out your options, quickly.

Here Are The Questions That I Get Most Often From People That Have Just Been Sued:

Will I Go To Jail?

No. You can’t go to jail for failure to pay a debt, unless it’s child support.

Will My Paycheck Be Taken?

Generally speaking, there is no wage garnishment in Texas, but there’s bank account garnishment.   The exceptions are for student loans, child support and IRS debt.

Will I Lose My House Or Car?

Typically, the only way you lose your house or car is to stop paying for your house or car. So, if you want to keep your possessions, then you must continue to pay for your possessions.

What Can Happen To Me?

If the creditor wins, then the creditor get a judgment. The judgment say who wins and who loses. After that, the creditor can get a Writ of Garnishment to grab cash out of any bank account with your name on it, unless the cash is from Social Security or VA Disability.

The cash is taken even if you have checks outstanding that have not cleared the bank, yet. IF YOUR CASH IS TAKEN, HOW WILL YOU PAY YOUR CAR PAYMENT, HOUSE PAYMENT OR OTHER EXPENSES?

What Can I Do?

You could do nothing, and then hope that the creditor doesn’t touch your bank account.

You could fight the lawsuit, and you may win and not have to pay anything.

You could simply pay the creditor, perhaps over time.

Or, you may be able to file bankruptcy to protect yourself.

Want To Learn About All Your Options?

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