Is There A Specific Age, Gender Or Circumstance Of A Person Who Files For Bankruptcy?

About 80 per cent of bankruptcy cases come from people who went through a divorce, situations where it took two incomes to support one household but now there is only one income, or a situation where there is a job loss or income loss which could have been from retirement, an injury or both.

Have People Changed Over The Last 15 Years Or Are They Still The Same Kind Of People Who End Up Getting Into Trouble?

We see the same types of problems and the same types of clients. We know there is a red flag when something is outside of that certain window and then we know that maybe they need to go see somebody different with some specialized expertise. Since I have handled so many cases that fit in that window, I know they need to go somewhere else if anything looks out of place, which makes it easier to work in this area and easier to manage the workflow.

Do You See People Filing Bankruptcy To Game The System Or Is It Really Because They Have A Significant Problem That They Just Can’t Solve?

We hardly see anybody who wants to file bankruptcy. People will only look at bankruptcy as a last resort, but perhaps once a year there might be somebody who looks like they are trying to game the system so we just send them elsewhere. Over 99 per cent of cases are where the person thought this would be the last thing they would ever do, but once we explain their options to them and how everything works, they have a sigh of relief, can breathe a little bit easier and they are able to sleep at night again.

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