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Please Don’t Shoot The Messenger!

The bankruptcy court looks at all of your household income and household expenses to determine if you qualify for bankruptcy.  You can certainly file a bankruptcy without your spouse, but the court still looks at household income and household expenses. This is where it gets dicey in the consultation – the client wants to file […]

Inherited IRAs Not Protected In Federal Bankruptcy

The Supreme Court ruled in June that inherited individual retirement accounts (IRA) are not protected under federal bankruptcy laws. If someone has their own IRA, this cannot be lost to banks and other debtors, but any inherited IRA accounts left to children or other heirs are not protected in federal bankruptcy. Should a bankruptcy case […]

Stockton City Workers May Lose Pensions

While Detroit is the most well-known city to be affected by bankruptcy, the California city of Stockton has been attempting to get out of bankruptcy as well. A California judge has made a ruling which mirrors a similar decision made by a judge in Detroit, determining that pensions can be cut in order for a […]

Comcast Seeks Control Of Network Lost In Bankruptcy Ruling

Comcast, the largest cable and broadband provider in the world, is appealing a decision made by a bankruptcy court that would allow the company to emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy without repaying a $100 million loan. The company seeks to keep control of a sports network that would be sold to two other cable and […]

Credit Card Debt

Getting Credit Card Debt Discharged Through Bankruptcy Credit card debt is a type of unsecured debt, meaning that there is no collateral attached to it. Unlike auto loan providers and mortgage lenders, credit card companies cannot repossess any of the debtor’s property due to lack of payment. Unsecured debt is considered the lowest-priority debt when […]

Emergency Bankruptcy Filings

Call a San Antonio bankruptcy attorney for assistance! Some debtors need to expedite the bankruptcy filing process so that they can get an automatic stay established sooner rather than later. An automatic stay, which begins as soon as the bankruptcy paperwork is filed, puts an immediate stop to creditors’ collection efforts and actions. There may […]

Texas Bankruptcy Exemptions

Assistance from a San Antonio Bankruptcy Lawyer Before you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is important for you to be aware of what the bankruptcy exemptions are for your state. These exemptions tell you which of your assets (and to what value) are protected, or “exempt,” from liquidation under bankruptcy law. Liquidation occurs when […]


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