Alternatives To Bankruptcy

Exploring Your Options

During a free initial consultation, I meet with you and review your income, expenses and all your options for handling your debt problems. While bankruptcy can be a very powerful and effective solution for debt problems, it is not for everyone. Since no two financial situations are identical, there is no cookie-cutter approach to filing for bankruptcy. Whether or not you should file will be dependent on a number of factors, some of which include your monthly income; your expenses; whether or not you’re facing foreclosure; the types of debts you have; whether or not your debts can be included in bankruptcy; if you’ve filed bankruptcy before and if so, how much time has elapsed since you last filed and which Chapter you filed.

All of these relevant factors will be considered when determining if bankruptcy is right for you, and if after reviewing the specifics of your case I determine bankruptcy is not your best option, I will tell you so. However, I will also advise you on what I believe to be the best alternative course of action for you to take so you can move forward in the right direction.

Everyone’s financial situation is unique. In addition, your goals and what you want to accomplish financially in the future will also influence the options you have available and which one you should choose. With the assistance of an experienced San Antonio bankruptcy attorney, you can begin to explore all of your options, determine how they will impact your life and learn about the ways in which my firm can help you pave the road toward stronger economic health.

Bankruptcy is an action that should not be undertaken by everyone. In many cases, bankruptcy should be seen as a last resort and as the only reasonable option for obtaining debt relief. Although there are some inherent drawbacks and consequences to filing bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, bankruptcy can be an efficient way for you to get out of debt and into a position where you are able to start saving, which is important if you want to buy a home, purchase a new vehicle, help your children pay for college, or save for your retirement.

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