How Bankruptcy Affects Drug Crime Defendants

Drug crime convictions can be financially devastating. Serious drug crimes can result in lengthy sentences. Convicted defendants are often forced to default on mortgage and car loans. Even defendants who face a short sentence or no jail time are at risk of losing their jobs, leading to a loss of housing and the inability to […]

How Bankruptcy Affects Domestic Violence Defendants

Domestic violence crimes are violent or abusive offenses that are committed against family members or people who are in an intimate or dating relationship with the person who is accused of the crime. Domestic violence crimes range from beatings and sexual assaults to crimes involving threats or other forms of emotional violence. In many cases, […]

Your New Life Is A Phone Call Away

If you aren’t 100 percent sure you want to declare bankruptcy, I want you to make a phone call. And it’s not to me. Call the hardship departments of your credit card companies, your auto lender, and your mortgage lender. Let them know you are considering declaring bankruptcy, and ask them if they can work […]

You Have A Bigger Future…Even If That Means Bankruptcy

You Have A Bigger Future… Even If That Means Bankruptcy You have a bigger future. That’s hard to remember sometimes, particularly when you find yourself reading a blog post from a bankruptcy attorney. I know what you are going through… collection companies are calling your house, bills are piling up, and you don’t even want […]

An Easier Life With The Hour Factor

An Easier Life With The Hour Factor As a bankruptcy attorney in San Antonio, I’ve heard the saying “time is money” many times. And while that is a saying that everyone understands, I believe that your money is time. Let me explain… Whether you are on salary or paid an hourly wage, every dollar you […]

How Bankruptcy Affects Criminal Cases

There are times when debt becomes oppressive. Bankruptcy offers the opportunity for relief from debt and a fresh start on a better life. But the difficulties posed by debt can be compounded when an individual is facing a criminal prosecution. Can bankruptcy help someone who has been accused or convicted of a crime? The answer […]

How To Remove Guilt From Debt

Most people that I see for an initial consultation are there only as a result of a lot of sleepless nights.  They are people that want to pay their bills, they’re losing sleep as a result of not being able to pay their bills, and now they want to know their options. The average client […]

How Soon Can I Get A Mortgage After Bankruptcy?

2-Year Waiting Period For Mortgage Debt Discharged In Bankruptcy Many clients want to know if they will ever qualify for a home loan after filing bankruptcy.  They got their first home, and due to a change in their situation, they lost it in a foreclosure proceeding.  They are worried that they will never be able […]

Alternatives To Filing Bankruptcy

An Alternative To Filing Bankruptcy: Doing Nothing

Nobody wants to file bankruptcy unless it is their last option.  In my office, I have every client sign a paper indicating that they believe that bankruptcy is their last option. Whenever you look at your options, be sure you look at all of your options, including ones you don’t think you’d like, then pick […]


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