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  • “Flume & Associates is very caring about your situation. From the beginning to end, everything they did was FANTASTIC! Thanks for all the help.” – SS.

  • “Flume & Associates has been extremely helpful and made this difficult situation east to navigate.” – SB.

  • “Flume & Associates is very welcoming and full of humor. So if your spirits are down when you get there, they won’t be when you leave!” – DB.


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Trapped In Debt?

Get Some Answers

Life is not always fair, and bad things happen to good people. Like serious money problems.

If you’re like most people I visit with during a debt consultation, you’ve experienced some loss of sleep and some “marital discussions” about your debt problems.  Most likely, you’ve experienced some debt collection harassment.

Get some peace of mind by learning about all of your options and getting your questions answered.

I recommend that you look at all of your options, including ones that you don’t think you would like.  Try to imagine where you’d be with each option 3 to 5 years later, then pick the option that’s best for you.  That way, you have no regrets about the solution you picked.

Although bankruptcy is not the solution for every debt problem, I recommend that you get a free consultation if you think that there is even a 1% chance of you filing bankruptcy.

Call me at (210) 338-8353 to schedule your free, initial consultation.

Filing Bankruptcy For A
Fresh Start