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Countless individuals in recent years have struggled financially. Debt-ridden financial circumstances are already difficult in and of themselves, but with the added pressure of debt collectors and creditor harassment, it can be unbearable. With a free case evaluation, my firm can provide you with the tools to pursue bankruptcy. We can help you find the best option for your specific needs and situation. Life's changing circumstances are often unexpected, and your financial state may have taken you by surprise.

When you are facing a serious financial problem and feel as if you are drowning in debt, you can turn to my firm for the experienced and compassionate guidance that you deserve. As a San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer, I have the experience to guide you through this difficult time. If you are not sure if bankruptcy is right for you, please take the time to view the bankruptcy FAQ section of this website. It is vital to take each opportunity to get the legal assistance that you need.

If you are wondering if filing for bankruptcy can improve your situation, my firm can evaluate your personal situation and help you answer this question. Obtaining guidance from Rick Flume, Bankruptcy Attorney, for your specific needs is important to getting the answers you require and the result you hope to obtain. As a last resort, bankruptcy may be the answer to your overwhelming financial issues that have taken over your life and ability to pay your debts.

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Who We Are

No matter what type of situation you are facing, my firm can help you determine if bankruptcy is right for you. If you find that you are overwhelmed by debt and do not know where to turn for help, we can make you aware of the options available to you. We are ready to help you understand what the benefits of bankruptcy are and can dispel myths that prevent individuals and families from obtaining financial freedom. If you have chosen to pursue bankruptcy, my 14 years of experience as a lawyer to help you understand the timeline that is specific to this debt-elimination process. I am a proud member of:

  • The State Bar of Texas
  • The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • The San Antonio Bar Association
  • The San Antonio Bankruptcy Bar Association.

My firm was established in 2000. Since then, we have helped more than 7,000 individuals with their debt problems. It is important to take every opportunity to get the relief you need to set yourself on the track for financial freedom. My firm is entirely dedicated to helping consumers who feel burdened and overwhelmed by financial distress. During a free case evaluation, we can help you determine whether or not bankruptcy is right for you. If my firm feels that an alternative to bankruptcy is more suitable, then we will not hesitate to tell you.

Bankruptcy and Legal Assistance in San Antonio

At my firm, we understand that this is a difficult situation for you and your family. Taking action is important, and we can be by your side each step of the way. Our website clearly explains the risks of doing nothing and avoiding action. No matter what your personal circumstances involve, it is important to obtain legal assistance as soon as possible. With the guidance of a caring attorney from our firm, you can avoid common bankruptcy mistakes and can get the help you deserve.

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